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Leanna Velasco
Americanl Embassy
Dr. Khosla and his staff are extremely courteous professional. They demonstrate outstanding patient care in every visit. I highly recommend Dr. Khosla and his faculty to all my patients and friends.

Shantipath, New Delhi, India
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At Dr. Khosla’s Clinic, the patient comes first!
Dr. Khosla is a talented, reliable, exacting and extremely senior orthodontist in India. Every member of his team is highly skilled, professional and has an exemplary work ethic. Having researched several dentists by examining skill level as well as cost structures. I concluded Dr. Khosla was the best choice. I am delighted with the care that I have received at his clinic; he is generous with his time, knowledge, and flexibility in accommodating patients needs. I am completely satisfied with every aspect of care from setting appointments, explaining details regarding my responsibilities, to thorough examination and treatment approaches. My entire family from kids, spouse, to aging parents are treated by Dr. Khosla and his team. These professionals excel at orthodontics, tooth extractions, filings, cleanings and all expects of dental care. Our family is extremely satisfied with the results and I speak from first-hand experience. It is with complete confidence that I refer him to my friends and to anyone who is looking for state of the art dental care in India

I had an implant placed by Dr Khosla, the implant specialist a few months ago. The procedure was pain free and non traumatic.

Debora Helly
I am very pleased with the results of Khosla Clinic. Love what you did!

S J Singh
Indo Pacific Aviation
Total satisfaction. Excellent job done. Dr. Khurshida is blessed with good nature and soft voice that puts patient at ease. Dr. Khosla, i met you for first time “you have a healing touch”.

G K Kapoor
The dentist at Dr Khosla’s clinic did an excellent job and I couldn’t be happier. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the staff always have a smile on their face! I am more than happy with the results.

Namita Kapoor
Truly a multispeciality dental clinic for all your needs. The clinic has state of the art equipment, and a team of highly experienced dentists! I got 2 implants placed and I must say..I walked out with a huge smile !!

Tim Johnson
Fantastic place to visit !! I got 4 implants and zirconia crowns done at this clinic. All my dental needs were taken care under one roof. I was always seen on time, and the whole procedure went by very smoothly.

-Debmala Roy, Gurgaon
Had an amazing experience at Dr. Khosla’s Dental Clinic, Gurgaon. Not only did they fix my teeth to make it look better than ever before, but they were very genuine, sincere, and not merely “nice” in a professional way! Kudos to Dr. Nisha and team for the excellent work . Every time I visit there, I feel at home Highly recommended to everyone looking for a dental solution!

Amy Gillingwater
Dr. Khosla was fantastic dentist. He was very thorough in explaining all the details of the procedure to me.Also,he explained the pros and cons of different types of crowns that would meet my needs.My temporary crown had absolutely none of the issues he said may occur.The permanent crown looks and feels great.He was very meticulous and took his time to ensure that the crown fit perfectly.

Thalia Holicki
Dr. M.Khosla acted in very professional manner.I initially went to see him to have a broken plate replaced and later on decided to have more work done.My replacement plate is very good the implants i had done are doing well.I’m happy with the work he did.

Mr. Ali
I had 6 veneers and an implant, as well as whitening and some fillings. The cost a lot less than if i had them done in the UK. Dr. Khosla guided me through the treatment with reassurance and i felt very confident with him.Excellent! Great communication and very professional .I’ve had many comments on how great my smile is! I will be returning in the new year to complete the implant treatment as it takes a few months to settle.

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