Of all things you wear,
your smile is most important.

Best Dental Hospital

Doctor Khosla’s Dental Hospital is a multi specialty dental hospital, where all conditions and disorders relating to the oral cavity are taken care of.

We specialize in treatments and procedures like:

● Cosmetic Dentistry – Procedures aiming at improving the aesthetic pleasantness of the teeth.
● Dental Implants – A surgical procedure used to implant dental prosthetics.
● Orthodontics – Deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of misshapen teeth.
● Endodontics – Concerns with the study and treatment of the dental pulp.
● Oral surgery – Surgical procedures for the general health of teeth, jaw and dental pulp.
● Periodontics – Procedures concerned with the structures supporting and surrounding the teeth.
● Pedodontics – Dentistry dealing with children’s teeth.
● Radiology – Procedure of diagnosing teeth health.
● Prosthodontics – Surgeries dealing with teeth replacement.

With state of the art technological equipments, the best hygienic practices and skilled, experienced and highly qualified dental care specialists fulfilling your every need, our Dental Hospital has earned the reputation of one of the topmost dental care facilities in Delhi and Gurgaon. We are committed to the highest standards of services at affordable prices.

With our promise of responsibility, care and trust, the services we provide guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.

What makes our dental hospital special?

● State of the art infrastructure
● Highly qualified dental specialists
● Latest technological equipments
● Multispeciality Facilities
● In house laboratory
● Excellent hygienic practices
● Pickup and drop facility
● Affordable rates
● Certified by ISO

~ New Delhi Office

B-4/76 Safdarjung Enclave,
New Delhi

~ Opening Hours

From 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM

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