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Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important?

Other than brushing your teeth regularly and flossing regularly, regular dental checkups play a vital role in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. If you visit your dentist after every six months, you can reduce the chances of your getting long term dental problems. Regular dental checkups help in curbing the disease before letting it germinate. Regular dental checkups help in diagnosing the early warning signs and preventing the decay or an infection. Tartar or any hard to remove germ also gets removed with the help of professional cleaning.

Reasons for visiting your dentist after every six months are as-

Early diagnosis of Oral Cancer
Regular dental visits is imperative in diagnosing and preventing the oral cancer. Other than the Cancer screening, the dental checkups help in safeguarding you against the dreaded diseases through identification of the early warning signs, allowing aggressive and apt intervention through dental treatment. If oral cancer gets detected in the initial stages, it can be completely cured.

Prevention of the Gum Disease
As per the statistics of 2014, about 27% of men and 19% of women in India suffer from the gum diseases. More of the aged people get impacted because of this disease –about 54% of the seniors above the age group of 65 are suffering from the gum disease. In this disease, the gums around the teeth get inflamed. This is one of the major causes leading to the loss of the tooth in adults. This disease is also associated with the stroke and heart disease. If the gum disease is not cured well on time, it can cause dental problems requiring surgery, root canal or extraction. The major reason for the people to suffer from the gum disease is because of improper care of the teeth and poor oral hygiene.

Professional Cleaning
Approaching a dentist for the professional cleaning is one of the most appropriate methodologies for keeping your teeth healthy. Usage of specialized tools like polishers and scalers are exceedingly imperative for the removal of the dental plaque, Bacteria’s colorless film responsible for causing cavities. A sound prophylactic cleaning is exceedingly beneficial for getting rid of the plaque that is hard to remove and hardens into Calculus. Professional cleaning is enormously beneficial for reducing the possibility of cavities. The Scaler is extremely beneficial in removal of both soft as well as hard deposits of plaque forming on the surface of the teeth and between the crevices.

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