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Tooth Decay In Toddlers And How To Prevent It?

Uh-Oh!!Does your toddler have a cavity? Do you need to get it treated immediately? Certainly, you need to get it fixed immediately, don’t you? Are you tired of such cavities? Read to know the reasons behind the cavities and the measures to be adopted for preventing the same

Causes of tooth decay in toddlers-Toddlers tend to get tooth decay when the Bacteria inside the mouth start eating away the primary teeth. Decaying of the tooth is named as cavity or dental caries.Improper dental care of your child and your inability to ensure that your child brushes his teeth properly are the major causes of the tooth cavity.

As per the statistics of AAPD, American academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a common reason behind the decaying of the toddler’s tooth is going with a bottle to the bed. The juice or the milk from the bottle can remain in the mouth of your toddler the entire night and cause an ideal breeding ground for the Bacteria. Improper eating habits are another cause of the tooth decay of your toddler. Letting your child consume ample sugary foods or sucking on the candy for a long time play a vital role in decaying of the tooth.

Preventive Measures-You should stop your child from going to bed with a sippy cup of juice or milk or with a bottle. If you are in a habit of giving a drink to your child before going to bed for helping him sleep, opt for water. The recommendation of AAPD states that the sugary drinks or milk should be consumed quickly instead of slowly. These results in the reduction of time for which the teeth remain exposed to the sugars.

You have to ensure that you floss and brush your child’s teeth everyday. You also need to ensure avoiding sugary drinks for your child. Foods possessing high acidity components like citrus fruits weaken the enamel of your child’s tooth and make him prone to cavities. It’s necessary for you to take your child for his first check up before his first birthday as per AAPD.

You should use soft bristled brush at least twice every day for brushing your toddler’s teeth. You should even brush his teeth after he consumes sugary food. You should avoid the usage of the Fluoride toothpaste till your toddler is two years old and is able to spit the Fluoride toothpaste. Try to use kid friendly toothpaste. For brushing appropriately, your child or you need to hold the brush at forty five degree angle and should brush for at least two minutes.

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