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Should I Get My Dental Implant Done?

You must have watched the Television stating dental implants to be great and that you too can get one done today. However, our patients have had questions related to the dental implants like- Is it worth getting the dental implants done? And many others. Let’s discuss various perceptions associated with the dental implants today

I don’t think I deserve an implant

We hear this from most of our patients. Irrespective of the missing tooth, they consistently repeat that they probably don’t deserve a tooth implant.

The reasons for you to lose your teeth may be enormous. It could be because of Cancer, Diabetes, Genes; etc. Your fear might keep you away from your dentist. You might not visit the dentist because of the unknown fear till it’s too late. Dental implants are imperative and require proper care.

I am afraid of getting my dental implant done

Enormous people are scared of what is unknown to them. The similar kind of a fear makes you avoid your dentist till your stage reaches the stage of an emergency. People are scared about the procedure of the implant and are anxious about the procedure because they think that the entire procedure can be immensely painful. People have often stated that they have heard horror stories associated with the dental implants. It’s a kind of a surgery which possesses its own risks as well as benefits and we won’t say that the dental implants aren’t hurtful. Every person is different from the other person. Therefore, every person experiences discomfort and pain differently. We try our best to do the implant in a manner so that the patient does not feel the discomfort.

My missing tooth isn’t bothersome. Is undergoing the whole procedure of tooth implant worth for just one tooth?

When one tooth is missing, the teeth surrounding the area with missing tooth bear the burden of chewing. This can cause cracking or certain other problems. Enormous people without the back teeth end up chewing using only one side. This weakens the jaw. Therefore, the bone can become weakened because of the missing tooth. Implants work as a tooth and get fused with the bone. This not only lets the bone remain strong but also keeps the other teeth strong. Therefore, earlier you approach your dentist, earlier would your treatment be done.

Risks and Benefits associated with the Dental Implants

We are enormously elated when the dental implant has been successfully done. We in fact guarantee you the success of our dental implants. At times, we have to trust ourselves, take a deep breath and go for the dental implant trusting our dentist.

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