Of all things you wear,
your smile is most important.

Open Up So Wide – Exploring Teeth!

Wearing a pretty smile on your face is the best and the easiest way to look beautiful. With a complete support of our teeth, we are able to give different expressions to express ourselves better.

Our mouth plays some key roles – especially tongue, teeth and lips which help us to speak. Along with this, mouth and teeth helps in the process of digestion by chopping food.

Teeth are one of the vital components in the mouth. It is the hardest substance which is necessary for the process of mastication.

Mastication refers to the process by which we tear, chop, cut and grind food present in our mouth and prepare the same for swallowing.

What are teeth made of?

Teeth are basically made-up of four different types of tissues.

Enamel – It is the white covering of the tooth that stands durable and protects the same from wear and tear of chewing. The enamel on our teeth is the hardest substance in our body.

Dentin – It is the support structure of the enamel of the tooth. It is a bit softer and yellowish in color. The dentin has the nerve fibers which helps us to feel, when we face a problem in our tooth.

Pulp – This is basically a soft tissue at the centre of the teeth. It consists of some blood and lymph vessels and nerves which sends signals and sensations to our brain.

Cementum – This tissue is like a gum to our teeth which attaches the tooth to the bone joints in our jaw. There is a layer called periodontal ligament that links the jaw line and cementum.

Cross-section of a tooth

A tiny tooth has two main parts within itself – the crown and the root.

Crown in the uppermost part, which is visible whenever we smile or open our mouth. This part rests above your gum line.

Roots are situated below the gum line of our jaw. It covers about 2/3rd of a tooth total length.

An adult has a set of 32 teeth among which 28 gets erupted by the age of 13 and rest are wisdom teeth which normally starts developing after the age of 18 to 20 years.

 Types of Teeth

The bifurcation of teeth is as follows-

Incisors – There are 8 incisors located on the middlemost section of the upper and lower jaw.

Canines – There are 4 canines in our mouth which are just outside the incisors. They are the pointed ones.

Molars – There are 8 molars present in mouth. They are the flat teeth placed in the rear part of the mouth.

Premolars – There are 8 premolars in our mouth which are located between the canines and the molars.

Wisdom Teeth – These teeth starts developing after the age of 18. They are 4 in total.

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